Let’s create together

Lets create memories, moments, love, interactions, stories. Photographs are so meaningful to me, I fall in love with it every time I do a session or wedding. I love that I am able to capture so many emotions in just one picture, I love that I can create something that a total stranger will hold near and dear to them for the rest of their lives. Being a photographer is a part of my identity, which is why I put so much effort into being more than just a vendor to you two. I want to be a lifelong friend, I want to get brunch and go on coffee dates, be invited to birthdays and baby showers. If this sounds like your cup of tea then head over to the “Say Hi” tab and tell me about your love story.


Hey you guys!

Hey there!! I’m Erin and I’m a raw and unconventional elopement photographer based out of (BUT NOT EXCLUSIVE TO) lake tahoe, ca. Ive been doing this for two WHOLE years. wow. Thats something I never thought id be able to say, because it seemed so far out of reach, but…


Words from the wise


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